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Convex Road Marking Machine and Paints Sending out for Philippines Customer

One convex road marking machine and bags of thermoplastic paints were sent out for our customer from Philippines. The order contains one set of RS-3 Thermoplastic Convex Marking Machine and 500 bags of Convex Road Marking Paint. Seeing our products from the internet, Mr.D was very interested in our facilities and paints for vibration traffic lines in order to stripe special convex lines under the high standards for their road projects. After our sales manager promising good performance of the machines and delivery time, Mr.D made the deposit and the goods were send out this month.

Specification of RS-3 Thermoplastic Convex Marking Machine :

Dimension (L×W×H): 1380*930*1090 mm
Weight: 245 kg
Paint tank capacity: 60 L (120 kg)
Glass beads tank capacity: 10 kg
Driving speed: forward 0-6km/h back off 0-4km/h
Working voltage: 6V,12V,24V
Marking width: 150/200/300mm
Spreading width of glass bead dispenser: 100-200mm adjustable
Marking speed: >400 m/h
Thickness of bottom line: 1mm-3mm
Convex block height: 3mm-10mm
Application area: blind road, dangerous area such as school entrance etc

Specification of Convex Road Marking Paint

Color white, yellow
Weight 25kg/bag
Material resin, glass beads etc
Density 2.0g/cm³
Application temperature 150–220
Application highway side full line, intersection, curve
Degree of mobilization 38s
Luminace Factor white75%,yellow 45%
Dry time no wheel 3min
Lifetime 3 to 5years