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RS-1 Double Dispensers Thermoplastic Handliner

1. Spray more glass beads than single dispenser which can increases thickness of glass beads layer.
2. spray two different sizes of glass beads at the same time with better reflective effect.

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In order to increase the thickness of glass bead layer and improve the reflection intensity, Roadsky introduced the hand-push thermoplastic applicator which is equipped with double dispensers. This type of thermoplastic handliner has an excellent performance of reflector effect in the night as well as circumstances where light is weak. It can be applied to fields which require high reflection such as urban street and parking lots.

Working Video of Double Dispenser Handliner:


Thermoplastic Tank Capacity 100 kg
Glass Beads Tank Capacity 10 kg
Dimensions 1200*800*1020 mm
Weight 120 kg
Marking Width 50mm to 500mm or customized
Marking Thickness 1mm to 4mm
Marking Speed 500-1200 m/h
Service Life 5 to 10 years according workload
Application Area highway, urban street, parking lots
Optional Equipment RS-11 line driver, double line die shoe

Paint Tank: the standard capacity is 100kg, yet can be customized according to specific order.

Paint Tank Filter: The tank is equipped with a filter net which can separate the impurities from paint.

Die Shoe: Pavement marking die shoe of different width can be customized ranging from 50mm to 550mm. Double line die shoe is also available.

Double glass bead tank: It can hold 10kg glass beads. Its tilting bottom makes it convenient for glass beads to flow.

Double glass bead dispenser: The two dispensers stand beside each other and are behind the die of the same size with them. They are connected to the same glass bead tank, work simultaneously and are controlled by the same controller.

Indicative Rod: It functions as a guide: if it is aligned with waterline, then the direction of marking is correct.

Rear Wheel Holder: it serves as a switch: when turned on, the machine can move freely; when turned off, the machine can only move in one direction.