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RS-1D Electric Self-propelled Marking Machine

1. Equipped with a powerful electric motor driven by the storage battery, this machine can move automatically.
2. Suitable for marking project in ramps and mountain areas.
3. Long service life.

BASIC INFO Parts Packing

Featuring easy operation and high efficiency brought by its electricity system, electric self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machine is the key equipment used in thermoplastic road marking construction in various areas such as highways, city roads, etc.


Thermoplastic Tank Capacity 100kg to 150kg
Glass Beads Tank Capacity 10 kg
Dimensions 1200*800*1020 mm
Weight 120 kg
Marking Width 50mm to 550mm or customized
Marking Thickness 1mm to 4mm
Marking Speed 500-1200 m/h
Service Life 5 to 10 years according workload
Application Area highway, urban street, parking lots, ramps, mountain areas
Optional Equipment RS-11, double dispenser, adjustable dispenser, double line die shoe

Paint tank: it is equipped with inserted dismountable case stirring device and a fire head below its bottom for heating the paint tank so as to keep a steady temperature of marking paint.

Die shoes: Pavement marking die shoe of different width can be customized ranging from 50mm to 550mm.

Glass bead dispenser: this device is strictly matched with the specific die shoes and can be only applied in dies of certain specification. The adjustable dispenser is also available.

Glass bead tank: its tilting bottom makes it convenient for glass beads to flow.

Rear wheel holder: it serves as a switch: when turned on, the machine can move freely; when turned off, the machine can only move in one direction.

Indicative rod: it functions as a guide: if it is aligned with waterline, then the direction of marking is correct.

Storage battery: it is a rechargeable battery that provides the electricity for driving the motor.

Gearbox: this device is responsible for generating the dynamic to make the marking machine move automatically.

Moving control switch: it controls the move and aft movement of marking machine: push forth, it will move forward; leave it at the middle position, it will stop moving; pull backward, it will move back.

Speed button: it controls the moving speed of the marking machine.

Power switch: turn on the switch to power up the machine, turn off the switch to power off the machine.