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Glass Beads Dispenser

1. Variety sizes of glass beads dispensers are available.
2. Easy to be replaced
3. Dispenser that can adjustable spraying width is also available

BASIC INFO Parts Packing

Glass beads dispenser is used for throwing glass beads into road marking lines. It is connected with glass beads tank which will transport glass beads into dispenser box. The glass beads are driven by scroll bar, which is connected with transmission gears, so glass beads dispenser start working automatically when the machine walks.

The size of glass beads dispenser is matched with die shoes. The width ranges from 50mm to 550mm. Dispenser that can adjust spraying width is also available.

Adjustable bolts: Screw the bolts to adjust the spraying amount of glass beads.
Scroll bar: Connected with transmission gears to synchronize with tires.Scrolling to throw glass beads into marking lines.