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Road Marking Die Shoe

1. Various sizes of die shoes are available, ranges from 50mm to 550mm
2. Double line die shoe is also available.

BASIC INFO Parts Packing

Road marking die shoe is the part of thermoplastic road marking machine. The marking die shoes decide the quality of marking lines such as marking width, marking thickness and line surface flatness. The width of road marking shoe range from 50mm to 550mm. Marking shoes whose width is less than 300mm are equipped with single handle. Marking shoes whose width is over 300mm are equipped with double handle. Besides, double line road marking die shoe is also available.

Compared with single handle road marking die shoe, double handle die shoe is equipped with a spring which can reduce the burden when lifting the die shoe. Double line road marking die shoe, which can mark two lines at the same time, is also available.

road marking die shoe size

Front fire nozzle: heating the blade to prevent locking.
Rear fire nozzle: heating side and rear blade to ensure the marking quality.

Rear blade: keep the marking line surface smooth.
Side blades: keep the edge of the marking line neat.