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Road Marking Tapes

1.Viscous strong, can be used for ordinary concrete floor, it can also be used on wood floors, ceramic tile, marble, walls and machines ( The ground paint can only be used on the ground ).
2.Having a certain degree of antiseptic, acid and alkali resistance, surface abrasion resistance, can withstand high-traffic crowd
3.Compared with ground paint, road marking tapes is more easy to use and can draw double color lines.

BASIC INFO Applications Packing

Road marking tape is new material for road line marking, it has advantages of easy operation, durable and eco friendly etc. The main applications are road traffic markings: Text, arrows, shapes, etc: Warning danger lots: Wharves,airports, toll stations,parking and other reflective logo. Especially suitable for high grade road, Downtown crossing.

RS-2000 series: Temporary use, service life 3 to six months
RS-5000 series: Outdoor use, service life 1.5 to 2 years
RS-5010 series: Indoor use, easy to clean
RS-7000 series: Both outdoor and indoor use, service life 3 to 4 years
RS-10000 series: Mainly for airport, service life over 2 years

Color Thickness Coefficient of Retro-Reflection Abrasive Resistance Cohesiveness Skid Resistance Value
RS10001/RS10021 White 2.5mm 400mcd·lx-1m-2 30mg 20N/25mm /
RS10002/RS10022 Yellow 2.5mm 250mcd·lx-1m-2 30mg 20N/25mm /
RS7001 White 2.0mm 650mcd·lx-1m-2 30mg 20N/25mm 45BPN
RS7002 Yellow 2.0mm 550mcd·lx-1m-2 30mg 20N/25mm 45BPN
RS5011 White 1.0mm / 20mg 16N/25mm /
RS5012 Yellow 1.0mm / 20mg 16N/25mm /
RS5001 White 1.5mm 250mcd·lx-1m-2 30mg 16N/25mm 45BPN
RS5002 Yellow 1.5mm 175mcd·lx-1m-2 30mg 16N/25mm 45BPN
RS2001 White 0.7mm 200mcd·lx-1m-2 30mg 15N/25mm 45BPN
RS2002 Yellow 0.7mm 150mcd·lx-1m-2 30mg 15N/25mm 45BPN