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RS-3 Thermoplastic Convex Marking Machine

1. Fully automated
2. High efficient marking


RS-3 series self-propelled road marking machine is designed for convex road marking projects. It can mark convex lines in one time. When vehicles pass through the convex lines, the noise and vibration will remind the driver to slow down the speed. This type machine is widely applied urban road and highway marking projects.


Dimension (L×W×H): 1380*930*1090 mm
Weight: 245 kg
Paint tank capacity: 60 L (120 kg)
Glass beads tank capacity: 10 kg
Driving speed: forward 0-6km/h back off 0-4km/h
Working voltage: 6V,12V,24V
Marking width: 150/200/300mm
Spreading width of glass bead dispenser: 100-200mm adjustable
Marking speed: >400 m/h
Thickness of bottom line: 1mm-4mm
Convex block height: 3mm-10mm
Application area: blind road, dangerous area such as school entrance etc

Convex marking shoe: Controlled by the electromagnetic valve to mark convex lines.

Console: Powered by Simons chip to control the operation of the machine.

Air Storage Tank: Store air and generate pressure to power the working of marking shoe.

Controller panel: Adjust the length of the blocks and space between the rows of blocks.

RS-3 raised profile marking case
RS-3 raised profile marking case