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Water Blasting Line Remover

1. High efficient line removal
2. Little damage to road surface


Water blasting line remover can clean road line(mark) and other obstinate dirt on road pavement rapidly without damaging road pavement and basis. High pressure water flow can make two jets work simultaneously and efficiently, which can reduce labor intensity greatly. High efficient recycle system makes it possible for simultaneous operation for line removing and marking, which can reduce the negative influence on the traffic during working.

Engine Power 120 to 187KW
Water Pump Pressure 1400 to 2800Bar
Water Flow 34 to 36..8L/min
Water Recycle Ability 12 to 15m³/min
Water Supply Tank 3 to 7m³
Water Recycle Tank 2 to 5m³
Line remove Efficiency 500 to 1500m/h
Additional Part Hydraulic Line Remover