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RS-10 Waterline Machine (Pre-marker)

1. Flexible applied for various road construction situations
2. Easy operation
3. It can mark three lines at the same time

BASIC INFO Parts Working On-Site Packing

Waterline machine (pre-marker) is base line for road marking to delineate borders of marking areas. Roadsky waterline machine can not only draw fourparallel pre-marking lines at the same time, but also can adjust the distance of them by stretching out or drawing back the sticks.


Size (740-6140)*1100*1050mm
Net Weight 125kg
Max Width 9m
Marking Quantity 1-3 Strips
Equipment Equipped with two-wheels working arms
Directional Control Rear wheel holder

Rear wheel holder: It serves as a switch: when turned on, the machine can move freely; when turned off, the machine can only move along a straight route.

Sticks: Control the distance between pre-marking lines.

Working arms: Support the two sticks to draw pre-marking line. It is also equipped with two wheels for smoother movement.