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Roadsky’s April Tour to Lushan Mountain

With a view to strengthening the sense of belonging as well as the cohesive force of staff and cultivating an outstanding enterprise culture, Roadsky launched a springtime tour to award a group of staff who have gave excellent performance in the last quarter. At 8:00 am. April 21. 2017, led by Johnson Dai, the chairman of the Roadsky, the staff headed for the Jiujiang, Jiangxi province on a bus and began the three-day journey to Lushan Mountain.

The whole journey was totally enveloped in an atmosphere of harmony and everyone on the bus felt relaxed. On the way going up to the mountain, we saw a succession of fabulous landscape of lakes and mountains and can’t help but think of the words of Li Bai, one of the greatest poets in Chinese history “my endeavor of exploring shall not be stopped by the remoteness of loftyhills and I shall be most delighted to spend whole life visiting splendid mountains”.

After reaching the destination and get all staff accommodated, the whole team began the official tour in Lushan Mountain. This tour left profound impression on everyone. The most unforgettable experience is the expedition to three-layer waterfall, one of the most attractive scenery in Lushan. As a saying goes: if you fail to reach the three-layer waterfall, it is fair to say that you has come to Lushan for nothing. To enjoy the sight of waterfall, one has to climb as many as 3,000 steps downhill and uphill, which requires plenty of physical power and strong will. In spite of the hardship, many Roadsky people reached the waterfall without showing any hesitation, which fully demonstrates the spirituality of persistence and courage of facing the difficulty.

In addition to the gorgeous natural scenery, we also had the opportunity to have a appreciation of unique custom culture of Jiangxi. During every lunch and dinner we were served with delicious special local food and beautiful folk songs.

This elaborately planned spring tour went smoothly thanks to the orderly organization. With Lushan Mountain being concluded, everyone need to be prepared fora new round of work. We believe that all the staff will dedicate themselves to doing their jobs with more enthusiasm and passion!