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RS-5 Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

1. Easy operation
2. High efficiency line marking
3. Long service life


RS-5 series cold paint road marking machine is widely used in parking lots, urban road and highway marking project. It is a kind of airless high pressure spraying marking machine, which generates pressure from plunger pump to spray paint through nozzle. Special designed spray guns control system makes the line ends tidy and good-looking.


Model RS-5A RS-5B
Dimension 1750*1050*1340 mm 1150*1000*1050 mm
Weight 225 kg 155 kg
Engine 9 HP gasoline engine 5.5 HP gasoline engine
Pump and Control Method auto-shuttle plunger pump auto-shuttle plunger pump
Working Pressure 10-18 Mpa 10-18 Mpa
Marking Width 50-500 mm 50-500 mm
Marking Thickness 0.2-0.6 mm 0.2-0.6 mm
Marking Speed 13km/h 13km/h
Marking Method high pressure airless spraying high pressure airless spraying
Spraying Flow Rate 18 L/min 6 L/min

Working On-Site:

Gasoline engine: Honda 5.5HP air-cooled gasoline engine.
Hydraulic pump: Generate stable pressure to spray the paint.

Electromagnetic-valve: control working of hydraulic pump.
Paint filter: Filter impurities in the paint before spraying.

Spray guns: Fixed hand spray guns to spray paint in fan-shaped.
Paint pail position: Place to position paint pail.