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RS-6 Road Marking Line Removal

Easy operation: The operation procedure is simple
High efficiency: It can remove 500-700 m² of marking lines per day.


Road paint remover is used for removing the waste or broken marking lines before marking new ones. It scrapes off marking lines through the spinning cutting head at the bottom of the machine. The cutting head is replaceable. Roadsky road paint removal can not only remove the marking lines thoroughly, but also minimize the damage to the road surface. Both thermoplastic and cold paint can be removed clearly in short time.


Model RS-6A RS-6B
Size (L×W×H) 980*550*930 mm 1230*630*990 mm
Weight 120 kg 255 kg
Engine rated power 9.0 HP 13 HP
Removing Speed 500-700 m²/day /
Removal cutter lifetime 80 hours, 2000-3000 m² 200 hours, 8000-10000 m²
Rotation Speed 3600 r/min 3600 r/min
Working Width 100mm to 300mm 100mm to 300mm
Removing Depth 0-4mm 0-3 mm
Driving Method Self-propelled Self-propelled
fuel consumption / 230g/h
shaft number of drum / 1 piece per drum
drum number / 6
size of drum / 128* 83mm
size of per cutter / 83mm*8mm
number of cutters / 78 pieces

Effect of road paint removal

Operating stick: Control the removal depth by twirling the stick.

Engine: A robust Honda engine produces strong power to drive the spinning of cutting head.

Cutting blades: Durable steel cutting heads ensure thorough removal of old lines.